Monday, May 10, 2010

Jonathan Kay on Maternal health

A good piece by Jonathan Kay. Radical feminists in Canada support no abortion aw , a position far to the left of most European socialists, who mostly limit abortion to early in the first trimester.

On the first point, those who argue that Canada has reached a "consensus" on abortion are either willfully lying or deceiving themselves. What Canada has is not a "consensus" (which my computer tells me is an "agreement in the judgment or opinion reached by a group as a whole") but rather a legal vacuum left behind by 20 years of Canadian political inaction. Some Canadians oppose abortion except in cases of rape, incest and medical necessity. Some oppose it in the third trimester. Or in the second and third trimesters. Or don't oppose it in any cases -- a position that, by the sheer accident of two decades of cowardice, defines the current state of Canadian law by default. But please don't pretend that this is a position we arrived at through debate. Canadians are no more or less liberal than the nations of northern Europe on most social matters -- and all of those Euro-nations have laws prohibiting most abortions after the first dozen or so weeks of pregnancy (give or take, depending on the country). That is what a future "consensus"

will look like in this country when some future Canadian government gets around to tackling this issue.

Now let us turn our attention to the casually expressed notion that any maternal-health plan that doesn't come with a boatload of inflatable Canadian abortion clinics is somehow useless to the poor huddled masses on foreign shores.


Honey Pot said...

It does look like the liberals have gone overboard with this. The liberals would rather no aid funding go to Africa if it doesn't include funding for mass abortion.

been around the block said...

Look, abortion in third world countries just wouldn't work, thank G*d -- but how come the dumb a@@es in the LPC, the NDP, and the media don't understand this?

So, how far would a woman have to walk to the nearest abortion clinic -- and back again to her village after the procedure? Or, if the clinic came to her, how long would the medical personnel stick around with post-abortion support?

How far would a post-aborting woman have to walk to her nearest Emergency Department if she began to hemorrhage or had any other of a host of negative side effects from an abortion?

Where would she pick up the drugs she would most likely need after an abortion, especially if something goes wrong? Where would she get the money? How far would she have to walk to the nearest drug dispensary? Would it be open till midnight?

What about her husband? What about her family's faith that doesn't entertain abortion as an option to a pregnancy? What about the only social safety net a third-world woman knows?, that of her children's support as she grows older -- and the more children she has, the greater the chances she'll have some children live to be with her in her old age, given the infant mortality rate in third-world countries?

There are so many obvious barriers to mounting a "successful" (sic) abortion campaign in developing and third-world countries that I'm gobsmacked they don't seem to have been considered by the progressive idiots who keep pushing this agenda.

Germaine Greer has had a lot to say about the West's arrogance in trying to push our "solutions" to social problems on third-world women.

This push to get the CPC to support abortion as part of Canada's support of maternal and children's health in the third world is nothing more than a pile-on by the left as they try to villify PMSH and his government.

Third world women want help to keep them and their children healthy but by and large they are not asking for the West to give them access to abortions. They WANT their children.

It's actually quite obscene that wealthy Westerners are pushing abortion (genocide?) onto third world women -- and that those pushing this agenda consider themselves to be "compassionate" and "progressive."


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