Thursday, May 20, 2010

It s only Ok if the grits do it

uber grit lawrence martin is certainly concwerned that the Tories can win with numbers les than 40% of the electorate. Apparently chretien winning majorities with 37% was good. So once again grits good, Tories bad. The grit medias battle cry. The grits are pretty DIVISIVE in their Christian bashing anti God progressive,anti rural, anti English, pro tax agenda. I remind uber liberal Martin that many of us dont believe in his tax and spend friends. Indeed many of us would prefer the government to go further in many of its policies like getting rid of the hrcs and flattening the tax. They are not just wedge issues, they are alos what our base believes and wants.
It was just a matter of time before the old big-tent Tories were practically swallowed whole. With today’s Conservatives, what was once a pavilion is more like an awning. The old PCs won mammoth majorities in 1958 and 1984. The new small-tenters don’t even think in those terms.

The narrow casting of the party’s appeal has been most evident in social and foreign policy, while in economic policy-making, recessionary conditions have forced a different approach.

The old Tory Flora MacDonald, who worked in John Diefenbaker’s office, was spotted at a disarmament gig recently. “It’s awful,” she said of the new breed. “They’re not progressive conservatives.”


Anonymous said...

It’s like Orwell’s Animal Farm … some are more equal than others.

Thus a Grit vote is worth more than a Tory vote.

Larry Martin needs to understand that we humbly accept that his elitist vote is worth more than a vote from us peasants. But even so, we dropped the “Progressive” from PC because we have a philosophy, our own beliefs; so we’re not going to worship at his Temple of High "rent seeking” Priests like Iggy.


Rose said...

I've noticed a trend in Canada; the XY generation have grown up and their children are now in their teens, this is the generation that espoused "If it feels good do it". Now they are parents of teens and suddenly they've become Conservatives overnight, it's quite amusing to watch friends and family who use to be the pro-pot crowd suddenly become anti-pot because now their children are at the age when they want to start drinking and doing drugs. There is a political shift in Canada, and it's happening in our favour.

Anonymous said...

Somebody tell Flora that the Conservatives can count. She couldn't.

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