Monday, May 24, 2010

In defence of Cardinal Ouellet

I am not Catholic, I am more Protestant Orthodox. My branches of Christianity ex communicated Catholicism centuries ago, as the Catholics ex communicated us. The rift was somewhat healed in 1967. That being said I have great respect for my Brothers and Sisters in Christ. These earthly divisions mean very little. I have great respect for His Eminence , Cardinal Ouellet. The Cardinal Archbishop of Quebec has just reconfirmed the teachings of the Church and has been blasted by the secular humanists. Apparently only jihadi immamas are immune to criticism. This is the Canada where marci macdonald thinks the religious right is gaining influence. I applaud Cardinal Ouellete for his faithfulness. He has remained true to his faith and God. He has defended Life.

Parti Québécois leader Pauline Marois has been sounding a lot like

Casablanca’s Captain Renaud these days: She’s shocked, shocked to find that the Roman Catholic Church opposes abortion.

It’s enough to make you wonder where she has she been for the last couple of decades.

In fairness, though, it’s probably not the church’s position that has Marois so riled up. It’s more likely that what shocked her is that this time it was a Quebec prelate who had the bad manners to challenge the apparent national consensus on abortion and Quebec’s secularist enterprise -- not the pope or some Vatican official far away in Italy.

The culprit was Cardinal Marc Ouellet, the archbishop of Quebec and

primate of Canada, a mild mannered, painfully polite man who has a decided talent for attracting controversy on the oddest topics. Even urging Catholics to go to mass on Sundays and to confession once in a while got Ouellet heated coverage in the French-language media.

This time, however, he really put his foot in it, musing aloud at a pro-life rally that abortion is wrong, even in those rare cases when pregnancy results from rape, and congratulating the federal government for leaving abortion funding out of its plan to finance maternal care in Third World countries.

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been around the block said...

Is the Pope Catholic? Is Cardinal Ouellet pro-life and against the killing of unborn babies in the womb?


Our society has reached such a post-Christian, "open," "tolerant," and "diverse" state that it can't think straight anymore.

I used to be a Protestant Christian, Dr. Roy, but having had enough of the zeitgeist impinging on Christian teachings in my former denomination, I was received into the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church a few years ago.

As imperfect as the Roman Catholic Church is, at least it still has its Magisterium which guards and protects Christian doctrine and practice -- meaning that on the issue of abortion, it upholds the sanctity and dignity of each human person from conception to natural death, in other words, it upholds and protects a culture of life -- as opposed to a culture of death, which too many mainline Christian churches have bought into, for the sake of not offending the grownups.


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