Sunday, May 02, 2010

iffy understands very little...

about Canada. iffy and his grits are always about ethnicity and gender. Small minded people who don't see beyond the surface. More advice from frank graves?

This is just outrageous. I cannot remember any opposition party, ever, politicizing the appointment of a governor general before in this way.

Of course, it’s always a political appointment, to a greater or lesser extent. But it has not previously been a point of partisan controversy, and on such calculatedly divisive lines. The appointment is entirely within the purview of the prime minister, and as long as that power was not abused via a manifestly unsuitable appointment, opposition parties have always gone along with it.

They have been right to do so: the Governor General is supposed to be above party politics. As the personification of the state the Queen must be, and must be seen to be, impartial as between rival contenders for power; so must her representatives. Dragging the Governor General down into the mudpit of partisan politics can only cast an overtly partisan light on the appointment, and thus diminish respect for the office.

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Anonymous said...

Agreed Dr. In my life GG's were often announced as 'chosen' before most realized they were going out the door. I'm also sure that most were selected by liberals with little fanfare or criticism. But I have said here before on BT, that liberals not content to be in opposition want to run the show even when they are not in position to do so. The media once again should give this minor coverage but of course we know their agenda. Lastly, we have had two visible minority women, not born in Canada and not 'fans' of the crown as GG. It is time for change lest we do away with it altogether. In fact many comments on the Toronto Star website do suggest that - bring respectability back to the GG position or get rid of it. I trust Mr. Harper will do the 'right' thing. (real conservative)

been around the block said...

Cross posted at BLY:

Governor General Gate, that’s what this is.

If Stephen Harper –as is his right and privilege as the Prime Minister — chooses another Governor General when Michaelle Jean’s term is over (she’s been GG for five years), he’ll no doubt be excoriated with whispers of “racist” and “anti-women” in the halls of Parliament which, of course, will be absolutely ridiculous, bordering on reverse racism.

As far as I can see, he and Ms. Jean have had a very cordial relationship and have worked very well together.

When I heard that Idiot Iggy and his Librano$ were calling for an extension of Michaelle Jean’s term as GG I saw red: It’s very bad form and it’s designed to be divisive. Jean has done a very good job as GG, occasionally, however, overstepping her bounds (see and, occasionally, being unaware of who Canada’s actual Head of State is — it’s not her.

My beef with her, however, is that when she was invited to our Head of State Queen Elizabeth II’s 80th birthday in London a few years ago, she declined the invite because — wait for it — an inner city Toronto school with a large black student body was performing a play they had written about her life. That night. The very night of Queen Elizabeth’s 80th birthday, a significant milestone not only in her life but that of her subjects in the Commonwealth as well.

I was incensed then and I still am. (I wrote to her and received some kind of milquetoast response about six months later.) Wouldn’t it have been possible for Nelson Mandela Public School to have performed the play a day or two before or a day or two after the Queen’s birthday?

Apparently not in Michaelle Jean’s world.

How the Governor General of Canada, who represents the Queen in Canada, can decline an invitation to the Queen’s 80th birthday celebrations is beyond me: It smacks of Obama’s put downs of heads of state he sneers at.

This is reason alone for a new Governor General. Oh, yes, and we don’t need another female former CBC employee.

I’m plumping for Major-General Lewis Mackenzie. He’s paid his dues in the military where he distinguished himself, he’s bilingual, and he knows his politics. Sure, his legs aren’t as good as Michaelle’s but in uniform they’ll be covered up.

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