Saturday, May 08, 2010

iffy : remedial student of politics?

An interesting analysis of one of the worst grit leaders in history. I certainly hope iffy stays.
His decades out of Canada have made him totally tone death to Canada. He is perfect for the Toronto party. Both iffy and his grits are out of touch with Canadians.

When Will the Liberals Send Ignatieff Back to Harvard?
Published on May 7, 2010 by James Murray

THUNDER BAY – For the federal Liberals who thought that they had finally found a leader with the moxie to get the party back into power, Michael Ignatieff must be a constant source of frustration.

For those Liberals who remember their glory days of power under former Prime Minister Chretien, the years since have seen the party fall from power, fall in fundraising, and since assuming power, under Ignatieff seen a repeat of Dion numbers in the polls.

From the lectern at Harvard, where he was a leading light, Ignatieff is, at best, a remedial student of politics.

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wilson said...

After the Montreal thinker's conflab,
Iffy concluded
Jack layton will do the thinkin' for both of them.

All those 'non-partisan' experts, tough talk and ideas tossed around,
Iffy concludes
Liberals will no cut corporate taxes.

I Support Lord Black