Wednesday, May 12, 2010

iffy flips and flops some more

John Ivison thinks iffy and the grits are rudderless and without conviction. Interesting to see the iffy railing about a $56 billion deficit ( already much lower) and then promising billions more in program spending. Apparently that national daycare program the grits really want is really too expensive. I love the last line in this article. That is why the Tories can raise money so easily. We actually believe in our cause. We want more freedom, less government and lower taxes.

The Liberal strategy under chief of staff Peter Donolo has been to goad the Conservatives into taking "extreme" positions on value issues like abortion, gun control, gay pride and bilingual judges. The Tories have been only too happy to oblige them - brazen pandering to the base helps raise funds.

But the consequence has seen the Liberals appearing to move leftward, away from the "sensible, middle of the road" ground Mr. Ignatieff has tried to stake out since becoming leader. John Manley, the former Liberal deputy prime minister and current head of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, said this week that the party needs new blood and relevant policies because the issues the Grits are focused on -- Afghan detainees, Rahim Jaffer -- are "not interesting, not important."

If, as now seems likely, Mr. Ignatieff is also retreating from his "number one social priority", it will only add to the confusion of what the party stands for.

The English economic historian R.H. Tawney once said of the British Labour Party that "it is hesitant in action because it is divided in mind. It does not achieve what it could because it does not know what it wants. It frets out of office and fumbles in it. Being without clear convictions as to its own meaning and purpose, it is deprived of the dynamism, which only conviction can supply."

Much the same could be said of Mr. Ignatieff's Liberals.


Honey Pot said...

Nothing to do with this article. I just had to laugh at the article by Don Martin this morning, about how the Christian right is taking over the country.

No doubt the liberals are angry that they have lost the Catholic vote, but it was for years what got them elected.

I was there it was preached from the pulpit, in the Catholic schools, the liberals were the natural governing party, the conservatives were devil worshippers.

No one was getting too upset when the liberals had the Catholic market cornered.

Mercy,how things have changed. I know that Marci MacDonald is thinking she is helping the left by pointing out there are many christians in Canada, and they are voting overwhelmingly for the conservatives, but that leaves the liberals looking like the party of the anti-Christ.

I friggen' love it.

wilson said...

The Libs are playing their 'fear' cards a little early in the game, eh...
This garbage usually comes out when Libs are trying to get a bump in the polls during an election campaign.

Their internal polls must be shockingly bad!

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