Tuesday, May 11, 2010

iffy and his grits have little to say...

about the economy. I agree with my friend Hugh MacIntyre. It really is the economy iffy. The grits continue on with their non scandals. They don't seem involved in economic issues. grit maccallum is eeirly quiet these days. I'm not sure he is very happy about grit moves to oppose corporate tax cuts (a dipper idea). Could it also be , that the economy is improving in Canada. Growth is up, jobs are being created in record numbers and the grit inspired deficit is falling faster than anyone thought. The grits were counting on the recession to give them a lift. That startegy has failed utterly.

John McCallum shoots economic blanks for Liberals
Bruce Anderson

Liberals looking to understand why their party has made no headway in the last year could do worse than to focus on why they seem to have a tiny "share of voice" on economic issues.
Some ask what it will take for Michael Ignatieff to hit 35 per cent in the polls, if a recession, two prorogations and a massive deficit aren't enough. Solid, clear ideas, in-the-moment agility and a penetrating communications style are all important. As is assembling the right talent on his front bench and making their efforts count.
Last week was another one where people around the world felt rising anxiety about the economy, as concerns about a debt crisis and global contagion spiked.
Yet, the day after stunning stock-market gyrations threatened yet again the retirement savings of many middle class Canadians, in the House of Commons the only questions asked about the economy were asked by Conservative back-benchers, and answered by the Finance Minister's parliamentary secretary. The Liberals used their time to grind on a handful of issues that, given the context, were not likely to generate column inches or TV and radio clips.


Anonymous said...

the liberals can't say much about the economy as the conservatives are acting preety much like the liberals.

L said...

I am not sure that Iggy knows very much about financial management at all.

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