Saturday, May 29, 2010

iffy and the grits continue to limbo

Ho low can they go? the grits are now under their 30% floor all of the time. They are now around 25% support. The Tory lead continues to grow. The grit non scandals have almost no effect, except for lowering the tone of debate.
How low can you go iffy and the grits?

OTTAWA - The Conservatives are widening their gap over the federal Liberals, a new poll by Leger Marketing for QMI Agency suggests.

The Tories lead by 12 percentage points across the country, holding steady at 37% - nearly the same percentage of vote share that delivered a minority government in October 2008.

Liberals obtained 25% of respondents’ support while the NDP received 17%, a three percentage drop from a similar Leger survey last month.


Anonymous said...

I trust this poll was taken before the G8/20 travesty. The next poll should show the Tories at about 2% support.

Anonymous said...

Actually the liberal strategy has paid off as I expect the conservatives to be polling about 40% right now. But there is a definite downside to the liberal strategy: without real issues the public will tune them out soon and they may even drop more in the polls. It may be possible for conservatives to win a majority if the liberal floor is continually being tested. Regarding the G8 and G20 issue, Harper has to show definite results and outcomes of the meeting that Canadians can understand then they will likely accept the cost I expect. (real conservative)

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