Tuesday, May 11, 2010

HM UK PM David Cameron

I am glad the Tories have sent gordon brown packing. he was truly a nasty little man.
I have my doubts about David Cameron, but I am willing to give him a chance. The challenges facing the United Kingdom are indeed daunting. I wish our Tory cousins in the United Kingdom, the best of luck. I urge them to watch out for the duplicitous lib dems. I would have preferred a minority government. There is much HM UK PM can learn from HM Canadian PM Stephen Harper. I don't expect this coalition to last but I suspect the Tories will eventually rule as a minority for a while.

Conservative opposition leader David Cameron became British Prime Minister today hours after Labour's Gordon Brown resigned in another day of political drama.

Mr. Cameron said he would be forming a coalition with Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, although no details of the pact were made immediately available.

There were some reports that Mr. Clegg would be made deputy prime minister and his party gain six Cabinet seats.

Mr. Cameron's Conservatives won the most seats and most votes in last Thursday's election but failed to secure an outright win. However, a coalition with the Liberal Democrats would have a parliamentary majority.

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Anonymous said...

The Queens likes him, so thats good enough for me. I don't think I've seen Brown smile once, talk about bitter and dried up. Like most hardcore leftists, black inside. (real conservative)

I Support Lord Black