Thursday, May 13, 2010

HM Minister of Labour Lisa Raitt cleared

Another non scandal disappears. Perhaps grits and dippers you should try asking questions about the economy. Mo wait, you have no interest in the economy because it is doing well. I guess you need to make up another non scandal.

OTTAWA — Federal Labour Minister Lisa Raitt didn’t break any rules last fall when her riding association let a lobbyist and a Toronto Port Authority staffer organize a fundraiser, Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson says.

“Ms. Raitt did not accept any gift or other advantage,” Dawson wrote in her report, released Thursday.

The event, held at a swanky Toronto restaurant, was to raise money for Raitt’s Conservative riding association. Opposition MPs filed complaints with Dawson after discovering Michael McSweeney, a lobbyist with the Cement Association of Canada, and Janet MacDonald, who works for the president of the Toronto Port Authority, helped organize the fundraiser. MacDonald was Raitt’s assistant when Raitt was the head of the port authority.

Dawson found the political contributions, volunteer time and resources provided were given to the Halton Conservative Association, not to Raitt.

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