Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Victoria day

A wonderful message from HM Governor General Michaelle Jean

Victoria Day
May 21, 2010

Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean,
Governor General of Canada, on the occasion of Victoria Day
OTTAWA—On behalf of all Canadians, it gives me great pleasure to offer Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II my best wishes for health and happiness on the occasion of the Canadian celebration of her official birthday, May 24. This date, chosen in honour of Queen Victoria, born May 24, 1819, perpetuates a tradition that is very dear to us.

Canadians hold Her Majesty in the highest esteem and are eagerly anticipating the visit she is making here this summer with the Duke of Edinburgh. This will be an opportunity for the entire country to come together to celebrate our history and our close ties with the Monarchy.

Canada is proud not only of its relationship with the Monarchy but also of its role as an active participant in the Commonwealth of Nations headed by Her Majesty. So many countries have followed her wonderful example of compassion and generosity. Her kind words and steadfast leadership inspire nations around the world to continue to pursue and maintain peace, goodwill and international co-operation.

The respect and admiration we feel for Her Majesty this May 24 illustrate the genuine affection and great loyalty our sovereign inspires.

Michaëlle Jean

A great Letter from my good friend Chris Reid to the Globe.

About that title ...

It is great to hear the Queen will visit Canada for Canada Day. What a wonderful way for Canadians to celebrate their confederation. I’m disappointed in The Globe’s description of her in a photo caption as “Britain’s Queen Elizabeth” (The Queen’s Tour: Canada Day Address, Off To The Races, A Royal Visit To RIM – online, May 20). Queen Elizabeth II is Canada’s head of state, regardless of her role in Britain. I understand newspapers pride themselves on being accurate, and therefore her title should have been stated as “Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom, Canada and Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.”

If this is too long for a picture caption, perhaps stating “Canada and the Commonwealth’s Queen Elizabeth II” would be more accurate, since she is Canada’s head of state and head of state of several sovereign countries.

Christopher Reid, Malvern, Australia

God Bless the Royal Family!!!!
God save the Queen of Canada.


been around the block said...

Happy Victoria Day to you, too!

Michaëlle Jean has certainly changed her tune and I'm happy to see it.

I'm still having trouble squaring this new-found, it seems, reverence and respect for the Monarchy with Governor-General Jean's turning down the Queen's invitation to her 80th birthday in London, so that she (Jean) could attend a play about her (Jean's) life being presented by students at Nelson Mandela Public School in Toronto.

The Queen turns 80 only once and I suggested, when I wrote to Michaëlle Jean at the time, to object to her impolite snub of the Queen -- after all our GG is the Queen's representative -- that perhaps she could have attended the play later in the week, or earlier.

I hope that Ms. Jean's turnaround is heartfelt and motivated by a genuine understanding of how central the Monarchy is to Canada's Parliamentary democracy and not a political bid to prolong her tenure as GG.


Roy Eappen said...

I think Her Excellency has learned on the job. Her words are full of genuine affection.

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