Monday, May 24, 2010

grits rudderless and have no rudder in sight

If I were iffy, I wouldn't turn my back on my caucus.The grits are again talking coalition, but require the bloc, which would kill the grit brand for good in much of the country. No wonder grit partisans like graves are trying to give the grits advice. Is that the point of marci madconald's delusional book? All fear mongering all the time. The grit mantra. It is also interesting that even heir apparent bob rae is being dismissed by the Ontario caucus.

Another Liberal MP, who didn't want to be named, was more blunt.

"I was having a conversation with somebody, and they said, 'What do you expect? He doesn't know what the hell he's doing because he's been 35 years out of the country.'"

He said that when Mr. Ignatieff first became leader, after rivals Bob Rae (Toronto Centre, Ont.) and Dominic LeBlanc (Beauséjour, N.B.) dropped out of the race at the end of 2008, he had the support of many in caucus, but now he is increasingly isolated.

One Liberal insider had more to say.

"The bottom line is the guy doesn't have a whole lot of political aptitude, shall we say. That's not going to turn around. He's been in the House now for several years, he's been the leader de facto for over a year, and the direction is still south," said the insider who spoke to The Hill Times on condition of anonymity. "There would be a lot more interest in dumping him if there was a significant replacement in the wings. And that's doing more to keep him alive than anything else."

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Jen said...

Remember when Ignatieff said on television "CANADA IS DISGUSTING", he can say the same about the liberals.

Liberals have a guy BOB RAE who bankrupted Ontario when he was an NDP premier and who prorogued his government for months, is now a liberal, is not harass by the media- so why Ignatieff.

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