Thursday, May 20, 2010

grits continue their freefall

I don't trust grit hack frank graves. Even he doesn't seem to be able manipulate his ekos polls into a grit lead. His latest poll shows a 10 point Tory lead. Perhaps he wants to put the ndp in power in the grit party. Perhaps he and the rest of the grit establishment have tired of the incompetent iffy. Even giggles taber is talking about the grit dud.

The EKOS poll had the Grits at 25%, nearly 10 points behind the Conservatives. Mr. Ignatieff could probably add a couple of points to his popularity if he were to pledge that all Liberal MPs would immediately release their expenses.

But while that might go down well with voters, it would probably create a climate of regicide within the Liberal Party. “He’s afraid of his caucus,” said someone familiar with the leader’s inner circle.

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