Friday, May 14, 2010

grit pablo rodriguez arrested

Wonder if there will be the same feeding frenzy over this as over Rahim? Of course not. The media will defend their friend.

Liberal MP Pablo Rodriguez has been charged with refusing to obey a police officer following a traffic accident involving his car.

Mr. Rodriguez held a news conference Friday to describe the incident, which took place last month.

After that car accident, the Montreal-area MP said he agreed to a breathalyzer test but was unable to blow into the machine satisfactorily enough for the officer.

Mr. Rodriguez said he would fight the charge. “I take this situation seriously. Because I think I behaved correctly in this entire affair, I intend to defend myself in court.”

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hunter said...

The CBC can prove they are "unbiased" by going after him like they went after Rahim.

This is very serious because Pablo is a CURRENT MP, while Rahim was an EX-MP.

What are the Liberals going to do when Pablo gets off?

Does the dying media understand why they are dying? Does the Liberal CBC understand that the blogs are shining a light on their biased articles?

I hope they keep the blinders on until they are replaced, with bloggers and the everyday citizen with a cell phone.

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