Friday, May 14, 2010

grit hack frank graves shows Tories with 6 point lead

More importantly the lead has been growing for weeks. Interestingly the grits are at dion levels at 27% support. So perhaps grit hacjk graves should rethink his strategy for the grits. I guess he can consult with the grit warroom. Who knows perhaps he can have catsmeat's old job.

Support for the Conservatives is up slightly and holding, a new EKOS poll suggests.

Asked how they would vote if an election were held "tomorrow," 33.6 per cent of those surveyed said they would vote for the Conservatives, compared with 27.1 per cent for the Liberals and 16.9 per cent for the NDP, according to the poll, whose results were released exclusively to CBC News.

The cbc is trying to see if it iss biased. How very funny. The src is a separatist cabal, paid for with fedral tax dollars. It makes the English network look positively pro Canadian. The English network would have to fire most of its on air personalities, if it wanted to be less biased. Then of course there is grit hack frank graves. They would have to fire him, but  they won't, because they are biased.

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Anonymous said...

We should be testing 40% right now with the economic performance but the strategy of the liberals to drag conservatives through the mud has worked. I'm hoping that media changes coming up help level the playing field. (real conservative)

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