Saturday, May 01, 2010

Greek unions riot again

The unions in Greece really don't get it. They expect the people of the EU to pay for their years of profligacy. So what do we have, May day riots. That should help the Greek economy.

Greek riot police have used tear gas to disperse angry protesters in Athens, during a march against government plans to tackle the country's crippling debt.
Clashes erupted at the finance ministry and a state TV truck was petrol bombed. A tense stand-off continues, with protesters hurling bottles and rocks.
Thousands of Greeks are taking part in May Day rallies called by trade unions and left-wing parties.
The EU is demanding the austerity cuts in exchange for a huge bail-out deal.
The rescue package is expected to amount to as much as 120bn euros (£100bn; $160bn) over three years.
The full details of the bail-out are expected to be revealed on Sunday if the Eurozone leaders finally sign off the deal, which is designed to prevent Greece from defaulting on its enormous debt obligations.


Big Red Magnum said...

Best thing that could happen is if Greece just declared bankruptcy and defaulted, the other option is slavery to the IMF and your still bankrupt but so are your children's children's children.
Default, rebuild, use a gold standard and get the central bank out of the country.

Anonymous said...

What the capitalists don't understand is that they are criminals in the Marxist view.

We can have a society without classes, without the IMF, without extravagance and waste - even without nuclear power plants for the next 200 years until the next Ice Age.

All you need is to return society
to the people who produce the wealth. That's the way humanity began - small groups of people protecting themselves, until regrettably the family, then the armed forces and religions emerged.

The real criminals are the bankers who have produced the violence we have seen, with 3 innocent deaths. How much more bloodshed before people assert their common and natural interests before the rapacious advance of finance capitalism?

Criminals everywhere, the whole system built on theft and slavery. Shame, Shame!

Roy Eappen said...

The proud Marxist writes anonymously. The real criminals are Stalin Lenin Mao and the other commie murderers like pol pot.

I Support Lord Black