Thursday, May 06, 2010

the goreacle's 4th luxury home

Because he's buying carbon offsets from himself, hypocrisy is totally ok.

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Powell lucas said...

I would suspect that a little further digging will reveal that one of Gore's companies bought the house and is providing it to him as a perk supplied to a company director. The company can then turn around and write off the expense. That same company can then but carbon offsets from another Gore owned company and then write that off as a further expense.

It reminds me of an old comedy routine by the late George Carlin in which he pointed out the lunacy of how he, as an incorporated entity, owned the house in which he lived, but then was able to write off the expense of that house through the corporation. As he noted: "I'm such a lousy tenant that if I wasn't my own landlord, I'd kick me out."

P.S. The word verification that came up is "crazina". How appropriate!

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