Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Good for HM PM Harper

HM PM wants to concentrate on economics during the G8 and G20 meetings, not on the climate hoax. That's exactly right. I also happy HM Pm wants more free trade and no bank levy. The statists from the EU have little to teach Canada.

Talking to Canadian reporters, he stressed how much Europe and Canada have in common, calling them "natural partners with basically the same model and the same values." He said he was looking forward to talking with Harper, saying they had a "very good working relationship."

However, the two men differ not just on the need for immediate climate change action, but on whether a global bank tax should be imposed to start building an emergency fund to ward off the effects of financial meltdowns down the road.

Harper opposes such an international levy. Barroso supports the concept.


wilson said...

And isn't that just hunky dory, Barroso calls in the Canadian media, for a hour long interview BEFORE meeting with PMSH.

Was Barroso siccing the press on PMSH, knowing how much our press loves to embarrass the PM?

I think I don't like this guy's tactics, sounds alot like Iffy, just more experienced at it.

Peter Milot said...

The EU which is 90% socialist by the way, wants us to adopt the same model of governance they have.
No thanks.
PM Steven Harper is absolutely correct in advocating rules over taxes to fix the problem.
The EU solution to this is to draw the US, Canada and the rest of the western world into some kind of ad hoc world oversight of finances.
From climate change (UN) to bank taxes (EU), the purpose is clear.
A reduction of our national democratic rights in favour of some amorphous international collective wisdom.
This bank tax proposal doesn't address the problem which is banking regulations.
Instead, it creates a slush fund for wayward bankers while achieving the real goal of classic socialism on a global scale.
Again, no thanks.
The economic and demographic decline of Europe is no wagon we want to hitch our horses to.
Canada has to the resources the rest of the world needs.
Indeed, we are a blessed nation in that regard.
There is no reason to believe that Canada cannot follow it's own drummer to prosperity and show the rest of the world how it's done.

Hoarfrost said...

The more I see of Harper internationally the more I like him. I am proud to be a Canadian again. I am a senior and I cannot remember ever feeling as proud.

We are fortunate in our resources that underpin our economy. I sure hope the Liberals and other socialists don't waste it away when they eventually gain power in the distant future.

I Support Lord Black