Saturday, May 29, 2010

Goldstein takes loser bobby rae apart

Lorrie Goldstein pokes so many holes in bobby rae's logic, it looks like Swiss cheese. By all this coalition talk, bobby does concede that the grits have no hope in winning with iffy. I guess he is trying to suggest they could win with him, but iff that seems pretty iffy. Voila, the coalition of the losers 2.

A coalition of losers: Goldstein
Is know-it-all Bob Rae conceding next election?


Count on Bob Rae to never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

The Liberal MP, would-be Liberal leader and former Ontario NDP premier is demonstrating that yet again these days by talking up a Liberal/NDP coalition government following the next election.

By promoting the coalition now, Rae is tacitly admitting he thinks the Conservatives will win the most seats, with the Liberals (presumably) finishing second.


Powell lucas said...

The Conservatives should be sending thank-you cards to Bob Rae. The Tories had just handed the Grits the perfect wedge issue with their 1 billion plus rape of the taxpayers. I'm so p****d off about this that I was just going to spoil my ballot come the next election. Now Rae comes along and raises the spectre of a socialist coalition which means I have to bite my tongue and vote Conservative again just to bolster the Tories share of the popular vote. Thank you Bob, you've just ruined my day more than the global warming snow that is piling up on my deck as I watch the guy across the street shoveling his driveway.

been around the block said...

Bob Rae is a real piece of work: a Baby Point socialist. You know the type: 'pots of money in his bank account but happy to spend the working stiffs' hard-earned dollars to fund social programs for the "victim" class with no concern for their being either responsible with or accountable for the government largesse they receive.

And what do Bob Rae and the left-libbers of his ilk get in return? Why, votes.

And, then, there's John Rae, Bob's brother, who's a Power Corporation exec: too many circles within circles, none of them designed to benefit the average Canadian.

It seems that Bob Rae is lurking stage-left, waiting to take centre-stage from Iggy when his role's finished. Rae's self-centred entitlement, however, seems to have blinded him to the inadvisability of a Lib/NDP/Bloc coalition, even though there do seem to be clearer-eyed folks on the left of the political spectrum cautioning against it: Julie Van Dusen, one of the "Power Panel" on CBC's Power and Politics yesterday, was pretty clueless, but Rob Rousseau and Kathleen Petty seemed to understand that under the present circumstances, it's not a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Settle down Bobby, I promised Ziggy that he could stay around for another year or so. Get used to it! Then you can take over and do your job bub, I want the liberals destroyed within two years! Then the plan to merge you with the NDP will go off. (real conservative)

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