Tuesday, May 18, 2010

get rid of the cbc

John Doyle of the mop and pail likes the cbc. I wonder if he actually watches it. very few Canadians actually watch the CBC. Why should be forced to pay for this leftist nonsense. Doyle seems to have become a new grit cultural warrior. he underestimates the Tory base's disgust with the partisan cbc. Let the cbc be privatized.

On the face of it, the Conservative Party’s current obsession with the CBC borders on buffoonery.

But it isn’t. It can be seen as a ghoulish attempt to demonize the public broadcaster, to isolate it and, one suspects, an attempt to batter the CBC into compliance. Or one could imagine an even more ominous scenario: the possibility that the current battering is the minority Conservative government’s manner of preparing the public for a major cut to CBC funding and the eventual beleaguerment of the CBC as a fringe broadcaster.

In recent weeks the president of the Conservative Party of Canada wrote to the CBC to question its impartiality because of pollster Frank Graves saying he had advised the Liberals to “invoke a culture war,” and raising the issue of possible bias in the fact that Graves appears on CBC, and the CBC uses the services of his polling firm. Next, CBC was accused of helping to launch a “faith war” and “foment religious division,” thanks to an item on The National about a new book, The Armageddon Factor, by Marci McDonald, which explores ties between the right-wing religious movement and the current government.


Jen said...

CBC cannot survive on their own they don't have the pride the dignity nor the respect to enable such a venture.
Ratings are down but hey, why bother to change right CBC? Why bother, when the country pours money into useless place.
CNN is NOT paid by the american public yet their ratings are falling rapidly; FOX also is not paid by the american public; yet their ratings is very high. The same goes for other american medias they too are not publicily funded.
How they survive?, by RATINGS and fierce competition. Tough decisions are made when their media is faced with financial crisis and/from lack of of ratings.

CBC does have that problem because no matter how low how bad how nasty CBC is-money still pours into them by the public.
Competition- what competition is there in media in canada? NONE.
Surelly you can't possibly say that CTV or GLOBAL are fierce competitors because they are not> they are just as bad as CBC but not as worse.

And another thing, if they was a media that did its job like FOXMEDIA does for its americans-do you really think canadians will be in the internet that much searching for 'REAL' NEWS? Not likely.

By the way Dr. Roy, watch Glenn Beck this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

After reading Jen's semi-literate commentary, I'm not at all surprised to read that she enjoys Glenn Beck. It's time to rethink this whole democracy thing. Most conservatives are far too ignorant to be allowed to vote.

kursk said...

Such brave words from the anonymous leftist poster.

Following your meme, Jr. Marxists are much too fearful of being exposed to put their name to the useless drivel they post on forums.

Sound about right?

Alberta Girl said...

Anony....er...CBC employee....you make me laugh.

CBC is the bastion of anti CPC reporting - helped along by the "friends of the CBC".

My leftie friends admit that it is biased - so much so that they comment that I must HATE the CBC.

When lefties recognize the bias, you know that they must be biased.

Or are they to "stupid" to vote.

What a mature individual you are, hiding behind your anony name.

been around the block said...

Brave Anonymous poster: "Most conservatives are far too ignorant to be allowed to vote."

Oh, so now there's a intelligence means test to decide whether you can vote or not in Canada -- AND, obviously, leftist progressives are intelligent enough to vote while those of us to the right of the political spectrum are "far too ignorant" to participate in democracy.

'Funny democracy where only the "intelligent" amongst us can vote. (I might agree with other yardsticks, like whether you're in jail or not: Jailbirds should not be given the "right" to vote.) The problem is, who's going to make that decision? Who's going to separate the dumb from the dumber?

Given that leftists write off smart folks further to the right of them I sure wouldn't trust them to do the separating.

Anonymous, of course, figures that s/he and her/his ilk are perfectly suited to separate the intelligent from the unintelligent. (Of course, if you're a person of faith, fawgettaboutit: You're in the dummy corral.)

Stuff it, Anonymous. Why not just sign your response Leftist Bigot?


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