Friday, May 07, 2010

frank graves again exposed as a grit operative

Fascinating info. ( h/t)

Neutrality–CBC/Frank Graves Style…

Pollster Frank Graves made his first appearance last night on CBC News Network since it was revealed that he is a long-time donor to the Liberal Party, as well someone who has given the Liberal Party positioning advice.

And what did Frank Graves do? He presented the results of a CBC “viewer-inspired” question on women and politics.

As host Evan Solomon said, “Frank, this is a fascinating poll because it came based on a viewer question, a woman named Mary Pynenburg, fascinating question and very timely.”

Frank Graves added “It’s pretty timely.”

But who is “Mary Pynenburg”?

Would that be the same Mary Pynenburg who was a two-time federal Liberal candidate from British Columbia and whose website is still active (

Is this what the CBC and Frank Graves consider to be “neutral”?

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Patrick Ross said...

Can you imagine it now, Roy? Michael Ignatieff mandating that 50% of Liberal candidates will be women, with Liberals questioning why Stephen Harper won't follow his lead?

And they wonder why EKOS isn't being taken seriously anymore.