Friday, May 14, 2010

Ezra demolishes marci mcdonald's delusions

Ezra does a good job demolishing the delusional, anti Christian "authour".
Watch here at around 24:45.( Ezra at 1:13:20)
Her paranoia is quite obvious by her words. she is also anti Israel. Even Evan Soloman is pretty sceptical. Funded by the US???


Hugh MacIntyre said...

damn you the link isn't working for me!

been around the block said...

So, Hugh, why "damn" Dr. Roy for a link that doesn't work for you? Ask him politely to fix it or figure out how to Google the item yourself. Jeesh.

David Frum weighs in on Marci McDonald's extended rant (aka her shrill anti-Christian book):

Roy Eappen said...

Hugh, it seems to work for me.
BATB, Hugh is my friend, I doubt he was damning me.
He was just upset the link wouldn't work for him.

been around the block said...

Dr. Roy, 'sorry I didn't pick up on the tongue-in-cheek in Hugh's remark!

WOW! Ezra hit it out of the ballpark!!!!

Is Marci McDonald ever a bitter, wizened, and obdurate old bigot. She appears, having emerged from the darkness of her coven, to be having trouble facing the light of day. She's concerned about "a half dozen" think tanks and lobby groups on "the Christian right" influencing the CPC government?????

I've suggested over at SDA that McDonald's next book might concentrate on the many Catholics in the Liberal Party -- every LPC PM in the past 40 years has been Catholic -- and the many secular, left-liberal, pro-feminist, pro-gay think tanks and lobby groups operative on the Hill. I suspect she'll discover that there are a heck of a lot more than "half a dozen."

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