Saturday, May 08, 2010

End the Inquisition!

An excellent article on the abusive grits / dippers and their pressing of the Afghan detainee non scandal.

End the inquisition

A committee that should be monitoring our role in Afghanistan has been hijacked for political ends by wild accusations of torture and nothing in the way of proof

In March 2008, the House of Commons approved a government motion that set parameters for Canada's future engagement in Afghanistan, including ending Canada's presence in Kandahar in July 2011. In addition, the motion proposed the establishment of a special committee to meet with ministers and officials, travel to the region, and "make frequent recommendations on the conduct and progress of our efforts in Afghanistan."

Instead, for many months now, the special committee on the Canadian mission in Afghanistan has been conducting hearings intended to uncover evidence that government officials and Canadian Forces personnel have been guilty of war crimes in Afghanistan. First came the denunciations, then the hunt for proof. An inquisition by any definition.

The hue and cry has become so loud and insistent, the public hears only from the accusers. Some of Canada's most distinguished citizens have been called war criminals, those who have dissented have been called liars or dupes -- and normally responsible politicians and media outlets, whether out of fear or expediency, have allowed outlandish claims to go unchallenged.

Canadians understand this is a non scandal.


Patsplace said...

Quite frankly I'm not only tired of the Inquisition, I am becoming more and more offended, and not in a small way. The disgusting NDP/Liberal cadre has not only worn thin with me, it has worn through.

They attack the Canadian Forces, a group that the NDP (Dosangh and Rae included in their primary political alliance) have always attacked and the Liberals that will in any slimy way possible try to leverage themselves back into stuffed brown envelopes, all the while denying it, but fully aware that the charges they level go straight to the men on the ground.

Call an election on this on Monday and lets turf these critters out of office. They hardly even resemble Canadians.

Anonymous said...

These cowardly opposition members hide behind the rules of parliament with their putrid comments.I would bet none of these idiots ever served or could serve or would be welcome to serve in Canada,s armed forces.If a war ever came to Canada,we would have to defend these bastards and protect their families,because they are so low in courage they would not defend their own family..A disgusting lot they are and the first i would boot out of Canada and hand over to the Taliban for protection.

hunter said...

I too agree with the article and the comments. Enough is enough! Our troops are dying for Canada so that Afghan's can have their freedom.

The committee should be pressuring Afghan's to take responsibility for their country, so we can leave knowing that the Taliban will not be back.

I Support Lord Black