Sunday, May 02, 2010


I support a voucher system and charter schools. They will alloow parents and kids choice. I actually thought funding faith based schools was a good idea. The kids at these schools often get a very good education. A voucher system and charter schools should avoid the controversy of faith based schools funding.
Lorrie Goldstein has a good picec here.


Kunoichi said...

I think the voucher system has potential, too - let the funding follow the child, and the schools will have to actually compete with real value to get students.

I'm curious as to how it would work for home schooling parents like myself. Most provinces don't fund hs'ing families (and most hs'ing families are quite happy with that, since funding often comes with strings attached), but the school district hs'ers are required to register with get funding for them. Free money with no responsibility is how it often works out to for the districts.

Anonymous said...

Funny that we share a lot of beliefs? I too support the voucher and charter school system which critics say led to the Ontario PC's demise under Tory in the last provincial election. To this day I vainly fight to tell people that is NOT why he lost the election. The MEDIA decided they did not like the idea and sunk Tory's hopes of becoming premier. In hindsight I have to say that centrist Tory would still have been a better premier than McGuinty. Hmm.. getting back to the issue at hand, charter schools encourage excellence and religious instruction as well a more community involvement. (real conservative)

island breezes said...

'faith based' schools are a LOT more faithful when they are private. Take for example , the difference between Ontario public Catholic schools, and the Catholic private schools in the same province. Better education and actual faith, in the private schools.
Vouchers allow parents to choose the better schools. I would think it would be consistent to include hmschooling in a vouccher program, although I have found that most hmscl families are structured to do more with less anyway...part of the ethos that makes the products of hmscl such great citizens IMHO :)

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