Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Economist knows Canada's economy is doing best...

... perhaps the eu socialists, bo, the grits and dippers should read this article.

The charms of Canada
Good policies, good behaviour and good fortune: if only others could be as lucky

AS THEY contemplate high unemployment, foreclosed homes, shrivelled house prices and the arrogant follies of their investment bankers, Americans may cast envious glances across their northern border. Despite its umbilical links with America, Canada’s economy suffered only a mild recession and is now well into a solid recovery. The Canadian dollar, having dipped sharply, is back up to rough parity with the greenback. The Bank of Canada has signalled that it may soon raise interest rates. When Stephen Harper, the prime minister, hosts the get-togethers of the G8 and G20 countries next month he will be able to boast to his visitors that his country’s economy is set to perform better than that of any other rich country this year.


been around the block said...

“A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country,” says the Good Book.

As usual, it's right on.

Cherniak_WTF said...

The article basically states that measures put in place by Paul Martin are responsible...So why would the Cons take credit for that?

Brian Busby said...

It would be impolite to boast, but if Stephen Harper wants to go on about the Liberals' policies, I don't suppose they'll stop him.

been around the block said...

Excuse me, Mr. Cherniak, etc.: Would you care to explain AdScam and Mr. Martin's role in it, seeing as he was a prominent member of the Liberal caucus at the time? Would you care to explain where the $40,000,000 the Liberals stole from the Canadian people is and if the Liberals are ever going to pay us back?

Would you care to explain Mr. Martin's ownership of Canadian Steamship Lines (CSL) and his connections to Power Corporation, the Desmarais Family, and Maurice Strong? Would you care to explain to readers here the CSL's reflagging of its ships in the 1990s, when it registered them to nations commonly referred to as "flags of convenience," where safety and labour laws were relaxed to be more business-friendly - and so as not to pay Canadian taxes?

Mr. Martin didn't do a whole lot of favours to Canada or Canadians as part of Chretien's Cabinet or as a Liberal prime minster. In typical Liberal fashion, he made a lot of money for himself and his family and a lot of connections of convenience using his privileged position -- connections and privileges not extended, BTW, to the rest of us in Canada.

Where is he now? 'Spending a lot of time in China, again using his privileged position as a former Canadian PM, to forge business connections and deals which will, most likely, make more million$ for him and his family.

The Conservatives have been in power for over four years, Mr. Cherniak, in which time they could have squandered any fiscally responsible measures Mr. Martin may have put in place. They haven't and they aren't likely to.

Mr. Harper and his government can rightfully lay claim to keeping Canada on the fiscal straight and narrow without having to grovel at the Liberals' feet.

But, nice try, Mr. Cherniak. I don't know what it is about you Libera$s: always having to live in the inglorious past, all the while pretending that there was some kind of golden age when "natural ruling party" was in power.

The Liberals' being in power meant perks and privileges for them and their special interest friends and cronies AND higher taxes with no privileges and very few positive returns for for the rest of us.

No thanks, Mr. Cherniak, no thanks. Go bark up another tree -- and make up a better story.


Anonymous said...

I doubt that any of us can add to 'been around the block's' comment here. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

batb.. There is also the case of a pile of dope found in a compartment on one of Porky Martin's CSL boats that faded from the MSM right quick.

Rob C

been around the block said...

Mr. Cherniak, I am awaiting your answers to my questions.

It's a funny thing, how Liberal$ pretty much always slink back under their stone when confronted with the real world, not the Librano make-up fantasy fairy tale they and their pals in the media have concocted for Canadians' consumption.

'Time to wake up, Mr. Cherniak. 'Time to smell the coffee, Mr. Cherniak. It's being served in the foyer of the HOC, Prime Minister Stephen Harper pouring: small, medium, or large, Mr. Cherniak? (Definitely not tall, grande, or venti ...)

It's Tim Horton's, of course.


been around the block said...

Rob C, thanks for mentioning the stash of cocaine found in CSL containers a few years ago. Nothing seems to have been made of it.

[begin quote]

[In 2004], a few days after he was elected Prime Minister of Canada
83 kilograms of cocaine with a street value of between $12 to $14 million was found during a random search of Paul Martin's family vessel named the "Sheila Ann" after his wife.


The Prime Minister's Office would not discuss the drug bust, saying it was "a point of recusal."*...
No charges are expected against the crew or Martin's shipping company which flies a foreign flag
and has moved shipbuilding from Canada to Communist China
and uses Soviet bloc sailors as crew.

[end quote]

Can you imagine, if CSL was owned either by a Conservative PM or his sons, the stink that would be made in the Liberal-friendly media? We'd still be hearing about it. Isn't it "interesting," the media's long-term (not to mention short-term) memory loss when it comes to Liberal indiscretions, whereas when it comes to the Conservatives they have total and instant recall? 'Funny thing, that.

There's lots more on this CSL cocaine bust if you Google "Canadian Steamship Lines, drugs found."


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