Sunday, May 16, 2010

dumping iffy?

Angelo Pershilli writes about a potential tipping point for the grits. Until the last few years the grit floor in polls was about 30%. Now they regularly poll in the mid 20's. If iffy hits 25% Pershilli thinks the caucus won't be able to tolerate iffy. I of course want iffy to stay. iffy is even worse than dion. dion at least had a likeability factor. iffy is arrogant, indecisive and inexperienced. He is an amalgam of the worst traits of martin and dion. iffy is not a leader.
When she was seven, my daughter wrote a letter to Santa Claus saying, “Dear Santa, I know you don’t exist; however, just in case I’m wrong, here’s what I want . . .”

Keeping this in mind, I don’t believe anyone is trying to unseat Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff. However, just in case I’m wrong, this is how it could happen.

Although many Liberals believe that Ignatieff will not lead them back to power, they aren’t planning to try to dump him before the next election. But there is a magic number circulating among Liberals these days: 25 per cent. If their party sinks to this number in the polls, then all bets are off.


Honey Pot said...

They liberals picked another dud, that is obvious even to them.

Anonymous said...

The Liberals are caught between Ignatieff and Rae and an ocean of blue. Its a dilemma. And the charismatic, young hero is not really primetime (Justin Trudeau). What's a party to do? Cheers. FernStAlbert

wilson said...

The magic 25% you say....may Iffy keep the LPC forever at 26%.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you Dr. but the liberals have become particularly mean under Count Iggy. I find this most distasteful. (real conservative)

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