Saturday, May 15, 2010

David Frum on marci macdonald

David Frum also eviscerates the clueless marci macdonald. macdonald is part of the frank graves liberal culture war strategy. She also is very anti Israel. Frum feels that is her main agenda.
I just think that she feels that she brings the American misreading of the separation of Church and state to Canada. she , like iffy, seems to have been out of Canada in the Us for too long. She wants God out of the public square.
It’s silly, in other words. But, unfortunately, The Armageddon Factor is not merely silly. Despite its subtitle (The Rise of Christian Nationalism in Canada), Christians are not Marci McDonald’s most detested target. That target is the state of Israel, and those who support Israel.

“So unflinching has Harper’s backing of Israel been that some have questioned ... to what extent is this country’s role in the Middle East being influenced by ... the idea that the end of the world is at hand?” (p. 312)

Okay, I’ll bite: Zero?


Brian said...

David Frum? Let's not forget Frum is an Israel supporting Rosberg Jew. He has an interest in protecting the Christian Zionist (bowel) movement. Is it any wonder he has abandoned the no longer in power Neocon Christian Zionists south of the border for the in power Neocon Christian Zionists in this country?

been around the block said...

Yes, Brian, so "Rosberg Jew" in your vernacular means, exactly, what? Barbara Frum, David's mother, was Barbara Rosberg before she married. So?

I'm not a particular fan of David Frum's but he's right about Marci McDonald's piece of crap. Her book is an hysterical rant against anyone, it seems, who believes in G*d -- and we're all, by her reasoning, conspiring to bring a theocracy to Canada. Get a grip, Ms. McDonald.

'Last time I looked, freedom of religion and freedom of expression were protected in Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms. And in case anyone is confused, the intent of the American concept of "separation of Church and State" was/is to protect the Church from the power of the State not the other way around which would seem to be Ms. McDonald's faulty understanding.

McDonald: "So unflinching has Harper’s backing of Israel been that some have questioned ... to what extent is this country’s role in the Middle East being influenced by ... the idea that the end of the world is at hand?” (p. 312)

Is it at all possible that Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government might want to recognize the importance of Israel's DEMOCRACY and its right to exist amidst countries whose avowed goals are to obliterate Israel -- and may have very little to do with McDonald's fevered scenario?

She's erected a straw man to bat about and knock down: the Neocon Christian Zionists you talk about, Brian? How many would you say there are in Canada?

A few thousand?

Wow. That's a real threat to our democracy -- in the deliriousness of your and McDonald's imaginations. It seems to me that you just don't like Christians or Jews and figure none of us have the right to be both religious and active in the public square.

How do you square this attitude with our Charter Rights?


Hoarfrost said...

I have been a Christian agnostic all my life. I do not hold to a particular creed but I do believe that Israel's enemies wish to destroy that state and it's people ultimately. Israel's modern history has been one of self defense since the date of Israel's inception by a United Nations decree. Changing history to suit one's belief system as Marci has done does horrendous injustice to Jews and to their protagonists.

If I believed in the validity of the Canadian Human Rights Commission I would have her charged with hate crimes. The best response to Marci is ridicule such as the comparison to that Monte Python skit.

Marci McAtheist follows in the footsteps of thousands of Jew haters around the world. She is a hater and a dupe for the haters.

Brian said...

"How many would you say there are in Canada?

A few thousand?"

There are at minimum “thousands”. It’s where they have their connections are that is worrying.

It seems this book cuts close to the Frum family. No wonder he’s defensive.

Honey Pot said...

Let's face it, you can't vote liberal and be a christian. They just don't go together. Liberals have an anti-family, anti-life, anti-child ideology, that is non-christian and does not appeal to Canadians.

The liberals are just plain stupid if they believe they are going to get any votes with their anti-christian mantra. The opposite will happen.

The christians are feeling persecuted by the left, and guess what,they are going to lay claim to Canada. The christians see it as they are the ones that founded it, and they won't give Canada up without a fight.

The liberals are delusional if they believe Canadians will denounce God, and put the liberals in power.

been around the block said...

You'll have to be a little less obtuse, Brian.

What's your problem with Linda Frum Sokolowski? I checked out your link and see nothing bothersome. Do you have a problem with the lovely photo of Canada's First Family -- whom, by the way, the media hardly ever photograph? (If they were Liberal$, they'd be on the front pages and covers of our newspapers and magazines.)

And what am I to make of the Republican Jewish Coalition Web site to which you've cited a link? Please explain.

Should you be unaware of this fact, unless you are a bigoted Christian, there has always been a closely experienced connection between Christians and Jews on the part of Christians, because we understand that without our Judeo root ("the root of Jesse"), there would be no Christian faith. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph were devout Jews, after all.

Pope John Paul II called the Jews our "elder brothers and sisters in the faith."

If people feel threatened by this empathy, that's unfortunate, but it doesn't justify the persecution of either Jews or Christians because they wish to exercise their freedom of religion and freedom of expression rights in the public square.

As far as I can make out, Marci McDonald is simply a media bigot and bully, as well as a bad writer: She can't even get her facts straight (check out John Stackhouse's blog and David Frum's article.)


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