Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cutting Corporate Welfare

I want all corporate welfare cut. These regional development agencies must go. I hope HM Minister of Finance uses the deficit to rid us of all corporate welfare.
Yet just last week, the Liberals were complaining about spending plans for the agencies at an Industry Committee meeting. Good on them, you might be thinking - except, the Grits weren't arguing that the $2-billion we spend every year on corporate welfare is a waste of taxpayers' money; rather, they were upset the Conservatives appear to have been quietly cutting budgets for business subsidies.

The newly-released Parliamentary Estimates suggest that, if the Conservatives follow through with their spending plans over the next three years, expenditure on the WED agency will have fallen 48% over their time in office - from $306.6-million in 2005-07 to $160.2-million in 2012-13; ACOA will have seen its funding cut 31%, from $427.3-million to $296-million in the same period; and, the Regions of Quebec agency will have had its budget reduced by 31%, from $334.2-million to $232-million.

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been around the block said...

Now, if we could only get the Canadian media to report all that the Conservatives ARE doing, rather than all the faux-Librano-scandals they "aren't" doing, at least Canada would have a better shot at a genuine democracy.

Whenever I hear "oh, the Conservatives are the party of Big Business," I ask the speaker what they think of Power Corporation and the Desmarais Family's intimate connections with the Liberal Party. Frequently, they've never heard of Power Corporation and its connections to Pierre Trudeau, (Brian Mulroney), Jean Chretien, Paul Martin, Bob Rae, Maurice Strong, and the list goes on and on.

Where's Lord Black when you need him? Why, in jail, where the Liberal$ want him.

When the unelected Canadian media become, in effect, a fifth political party and the mouthpiece for one side of the political spectrum -- and one party in particular, the health of our body politic is on life support.

PMSH and his CPC are doing triage, and the body seems to be reviving, but when you've got the attending anesthetist administering the wrong dose of anesthetic, the nurses and technicians handing you the incorrect, often unsterilized, instruments, whispering behind your back, and cutting off the oxygen supply to the patient, what are the chances of the patients' survival, short of a miracle?

It is disgusting to see the Liberal$ and their lapdogs in the media entirely focused on the LPC's regaining power at any cost and using the most unscrupulous means in order to ensure that they do. They're not in the least concerned with the economic, physical, or social health of Canadians -- just wresting the reins of power from the CPC.

bertie said...

Great comment,"been around the block"..Only thing i would add is,who is financing these garbage newspapers that are continually losing big money.Should we follow the missing Liberal money from ADSCAM and see if any of it is still financing these Liberal rags.We all know where the billion dollars a year to the CBC goes(down the toilet)but where did the ADSCAM money go to.

I Support Lord Black