Friday, May 07, 2010

Congratulations to HM soon to be UK PM David Cameron

It seems to be a minority government, but the Tories have won a big victory. I would say nick clegg should watch his back. His party did not make a breakthrough. I don't think clegg wants to ally himself with labour. gordon brown may seek to continue his unelected role as HM PM, but it will not last long. In any case the country is in such terrible shape that the whoever takes power will have many serious and unpopular decisions to make. I want to congratulate our Tory cousins at Conservative Home, especially Tim Montgomerie , who have done a fantastic job in trying to rid the United Kingdom of its worst government in living memory. The Tories are pretty close to a majority and I suspect that they will be in government for some time. David Cameron should learn from HM Canadian PM Harper. Work on the economy and stop spending on the climate hoax.
I would have preferred a majority, but this is a great achievement.

At the outset of the campaign, Mr Cameron faced the biggest uphill struggle the Conservatives had experienced at any election since the Second World War.
As polling stations closed yesterday, they needed a swing of almost seven per cent to win an overall majority, far greater even than the 5.2 per cent achieved by Margaret Thatcher in 1979.

But the signs early today were that the Tories were on course to eclipse her success – and were even closing in on the swing needed to win the 326 seats necessary to get a majority in Parliament.
Even to get close to this achievement, Mr Cameron had to gain more seats for the Tories than at any election since 1931, when the party was the main coalition partner in the National Government led by Ramsay MacDonald.
He has also had to do it with just a handful of seats in Scotland or Wales. In 1979, Mrs Thatcher had 22 seats in Scotland and 11 in Wales.
Virtually all the gains had to be made in England. The first results from the North East showed swings higher than the most optimistic Tory strategist had forecast.

Update: More good news george hamas supporter galloway defeated. Good riddance !!!!


wilson said...

Pay attention Jack Latyon, this is how LEGITIMATE coalition governments are formed, the losers do not steal the government.

Was listening to the UK 'experts' early this morning,
they say even tho Brown had the right by British convention to have first crack at forming government (he was the incumbent), such a govt would be illegitimate and create problems with the electorate.
Just like what we saw here when the Coalition of Losers tried to steal govt.

Owner and Doggy said...

Clegg might have lost seats, but in the end, the two parties, Labour and Conservatives will try to form a coalition with the Lib-Dems. They will therefore get what they want for next election: proportionality. This will help them even more. They lost the battle, but won the war.

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