Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Climate realist Conference : Chicago 2010

I just returned from the Climate realist conference in Chicago, It was a great experience. There were many more panels than time to listen to them. Of course Dr Lindzen's speech was again one of the best presentations. Dr Lindzen said that we can no longer be called sceptics, because global warming is not even a reasonable hypothesis any more. It was good to see quite a few Canadians at the event. I got to talk to some old friends and make some new friends. I had the pleasure of finally meeting James Delingpole. It was great seeing Tory MEP Roger Helmer. We had a nice chat about the recent UK election. I told him I would have preferred a minority government. We also discussed the possibility of re ratifying the lisbon treaty and the possibility of a referendum in the UK on this subject. I also meet attendees from all over the world. I had the chance to meet Prof Ian Plimer and a host of other prominent Climate sceptics. I had chats with Lord Monckton and Prof Lindzen. I also met Leon Ashby from the Climate Sceptic party in Australia. I shook his hand for protesting against Al Gore in Sydney!
I must say some of the science went right over my head.
I particularly enjoyed seeing Prof Gabriel Calzeda and Carlo Stagnero talk about the economic failure of green jobs.
There were 800 attendees at the conference. I must congratulate Joe and Diane Bast ( and their Heartland Institute staff) for taking on the monumental task of putting on this conference. It has been a great opportunity for friendships and links to be made in a community that was under siege. The almost complete absence of the msm was of course very telling. PJTV covered the event and you can see their videos here. You can watch many of the videos here. They will all be up pretty soon.
One of the warmists got up and spoke at the end of the conference. He said he found the conference useful and noted there were many good scientists in attendance. He urged us not to see warmists as the enemy. He said he was not a warmist, but a climate scientist. The audience was very polite and applauded his words. I hope more warmists will attend future conferences. There was an air of triumphalism, but the battle is certainly not won.

Prof Lindzen

Jamaes Delinpole who coined the word climate gate

Dr Easterbrook warned of Global cooling.

Unfortunately Senator Inhofe was unable to give his speech, because of Senate duties.
You can watch him denounce the goreacle here.

Australian senator Bernardi ( a fellow Monarchist) was also in attendance.

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