Monday, May 03, 2010

Classless iffy

A good piece by don martin. iffy can't keep a secret and loves to play in the mud. iffy is ome of the worst grit leaders ever and he keeps getting worse. Canadians recognize this.

But the response from one leader was bizarre.

Mr. Ignatieff, who has never seen a high road he couldn’t take into a muddy ditch, issued a Sunday news release demanding the Prime Minister give Ms. Jean a one or two-year extension.

With that move on his first anniversary as Liberal leader, Mr. Ignatieff performed a multi-tasking gaffe that should go into a record book somewhere. It makes him appear an untrustworthy blabbermouth, kills any (very) faint hope of Ms. Jean’s term actually being extended, makes Jack Layton appear discreet in handling a private consultation privately and gives Mr. Harper a dignified look for seeking outside input on the vice-regal appointment.

It takes a lot of misguided effort to botch it on so many fronts.

It’s unusual, but not unprecedented, for opposition party leaders to be consulted by a prime minister for an appointment roughly 99.99 of every 100 Canadians would die for.

Former prime minister Paul Martin dispatched a short list of five possibles to Mr. Harper when he was leading the Official Opposition, but Ms. Jean was not on the list. Even so, Mr. Harper didn’t kick out a news release blasting him for the empty consultation or to suggest his pick for the post.

I bumped into former prime minister Jean Chr├ętien yesterday and he told me his two Governor-General appointments were difficult, because friends and acquaintances are automatically eliminated, but consultation was limited to Liberal circles and the decision his sole prerogative.

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