Saturday, May 08, 2010

Civitas 2010

                                                                Fred Barnes

                                                                                   Danielle Smith

                                                    Elected Senator Bert Brown

                                                  Doris Daley, Cowboy Poet

                                                                                  Ted Morton

It was great to see a lot of my old friends and make some new ones at Civitas in Calgary. I can't say too much about what was discussed, but it was very interesting. I did get to meet Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard who did discuss his article on the oilsands, among other things.
 I also had the great pleasure of meeting Wildrose Alliance Leader Danielle Smith. She is an utterly charming young woman. She is smart, articulate and very fiscally conservative. She calls herself libertarian but she is very open to social conservatives as well. She is backed by Link Byfield who is pretty socially conservative. She understands the evils of censorship and massive statism. She is a breath of fresh air. I have family who live in Calgary and they call Premier Ed Stelmach special ed. He is fast losing support. I either see the PC's imploding and being taken over by the WR, or the WR defeating the PCs eventually. Ted Morton and the real Tories in the PC party need to help Premier Stelmach shape up or ship out.

We had a Western themed night and had some readings by Cowboy Poet Doris Daley. Suprisingly I quite enjoyed it. Cowboy Poetry is a subculture I didn't know existed. There are even annual championships in Texas.

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Not knowing about cowboy poetry (and music, and story telling) is what you get for being trapped in the quasi sophistication of urban society.
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