Friday, May 21, 2010

Chantal Hebert on iffy and the grits in Quebec

iffy's grits are not having much luck in Quebec. Charest is in freefall, but he keeps bashing the Tories every chance he can get. charest who used to be a federalist is lashing out at Canada in a desperate attempt to stop his free fall at the polls. The grits are going nowhere fast in Quebec. Hebert is also equating iffy to dion.

A year into Ignatieff’s tenure as leader, the list of potential Liberal gains from coast to coast to coast does not run much longer than the short Quebec one. Having a list at all increasingly involves a big dose of wishful thinking.

Nationally, this week’s CBC-Ekos poll has the party below its dismal 2008 election score and almost ten points behind the Conservatives. With numbers like those, the Liberals would lose seats in an election. The two main parties started the year on or around parity in voting intentions.

Ignatieff’s failure to connect with Quebecers is emblematic of his larger failure to connect with Canadians. And unless it is reversed, it may go down as the biggest squandered Quebec opportunity in recent federal Liberal history.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, even the massive power of the media to create illusion and to spin reality can't save Iggy now. I said he was toast and I was 'right.' (real conservative)

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