Monday, May 24, 2010

Charity and beggars

I do give money to specific charities. It is my duty to share with those who are less fortunate. as a rule I don't give to people begging on the streets in Canada. It =has long been my thinking that by giving money to people on the street I am funding their addictions and killing them. So this article was very interesting to me.

There's a good chance if there is not a member of your family who is an addict of some kind, then you know someone who is. You also know, then, how creative and persistent they are at getting what they need i.e. money for the substance of their addiction.

I have lived for many years on the streets of Calgary and have been a regular guest at the homeless shelters provided for people in my situation.

Being broke was an everyday state of affairs, and finding ways and means of getting money was a constant challenge. I would stand in line at 5:30 a.m. at a temporary manpower, collect bottles or go door-to-door with a rake asking to do yard work. But it just wasn't in me to ask complete strangers for money, to panhandle. But I know of many who did, and every one of them did so to feed an addiction.

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Lynn said...

Funny, but when I was living in Vancouver a few years ago,these guys hit me up at the Skytrain stations with that "work" or "trying to get home story" and I always gave them a ticket,until one day I mentioned it to my security guard daughter.

She set me straight in a hurry! Guess I was naive, I had no idea I was abetting an addict, just thought I was doing some unfortunate person a favour.


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