Sunday, May 23, 2010

charest is just appalling

I agree with the NP, charest's latest anti Tory gambit is truly disgusting. He is trying to save his rapidly sinking ship. his poll numbers are in free fall and there is a new scandal almost weekly. Using abortion as a smokescreen is not going to work. I used to think better of you jean charest.

At a time when his poll numbers have slipped precipitously, and his government faces allegations of corruption, the Premier is looking for an issue--any issue-- with which he can paint himself as the defender of Quebec. Abortion has conveniently landed in his lap, thanks to the controversy over the federal Conservatives' maternal health initiative.

But Mr. Charest's cynical grandstanding does a grave disservice to the issue at hand. As columnist Tasha Kheiriddin pointed out on Tuesday, abortion is a complex matter, involving the balancing of competing, concurrent rights. In 1990, while a federal cabinet minister, Mr. Charest himself voted in favour of legislation which attempted to do just that--balance the rights to life and bodily integrity of both a pregnant woman and the fetus she is carrying.

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