Thursday, May 06, 2010

Chantal Hebert et al: ever more iffy

iffy's mistakes have pretty much everyone scratching thier heads. Indeed he is truning out to be more of a gift than dion. I guess not living in Canada for decades does really make one out of touch with the Canadian mainstream. Chantal Hebert sees a coalition as the only option.Don Martin says even pseudo chretien is not impressed.

The perplexing Liberal approach to the issue of the governor general is only the latest in a string of questionable moves.

They have included the mishandling of the Liberal motion to force abortion unto the agenda of Harper’s maternal health initiative and an Ignatieff flip-flop on provisions of the latest Quebec budget that clearly flew in the face of the Canada Health Act.

Even the Liberal thinkers’ conference did little to restore the brightness of the party’s policy palette.

The conference featured articulate condemnations of Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan, and the Liberal role in initiating and extending the combat mission. The carbon tax — which dropped from the Liberal radar as soon as Ignatieff became leader — was vindicated by climate change and energy insiders.

uber grit lawrence martin sees the rise(?) of the dippers. Which works to Tory advantage.

In combination, the centre-left and left still have the bulk of the population of their side. In a culture war, they would likely clobber the right. But because of the divisions, there can be no such victory.

Such is the state of things that the Conservatives could win the next election with a mere 30 per cent of the vote. And as is likely in Britain, the third party could creep ever closer to second.

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Anonymous said...

Actually it is not that simple. If the left unites many votes in the centre or even centre left would be in play for conservatives depending on the issues. We would move to more of the American model. In fact I would prefer that myself as the right in the US has real clout which even the left fears much of the time. But let the lefties have their dreams... (real conservative)

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