Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bibi in Toronto

I got a great seat to see Bibi Netanyahu today. I arrived early and left around noon. I never saw a single protester. Though my friend Arnie at BCF was not so lucky. Shame on the Toronto police for not arresting the thug. Lots of familar faces including my friend Joanne from

Lumpy,Grumpy and Frumpy. Tim Hudak and his family were there, as were all the Toronto Mayoral candidates. Rocci Rossi raised more than $1800 for UJA and was a member of the Chai club. Sara Thomson  and Rob Ford and all the rest were also there.I met the deputy editor of the Jerusalem Post David Brinn.
It was a huge crowd of enthusiatic walkers who had come for the annual UJA walk for Israel.
Bibi was proceeded by several speakers and the evnet was more than an hour late. HM Minister of State for Foreign Affairs for the Americas Peter Kent gave an excellent speech praising our close ties to Israel and condemning palestinian violence.
Speaking before Netanyahu, Canadian Foreign Minister Peter Kent referred to a recent magazine article in The Economist whose headline read: “Canada and Israel – Unlikely Allies.”

“With all due respect, the title couldn’t be more wrong,” Kent said. “As vibrant and democratic states in which the rule of law and human rights are observed and revered, Canada and Israel are the likeliest and the most natural of allies.”

"when faced by those who seek to wipe both it and the Jewish people from the face of the Earth, Israel can always count on our unequivocal support."

Bibi gave a great speech praising HM PM Harper to the heavens. Every time HM PM Harper's name was said, it drew rapturous applaiuse.

Mr. Netanyahu is scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Ottawa on Monday.

In his speech, Mr. Netanyahu said Mr. Harper “has been an unwavering friend of Israel. He’s been a great champion of Israel’s right to defend itself. And he stands against all efforts to delegitimize the Jewish state,” adding that, “The ties between Canada and Israel have never been stronger.”

Bibi spoke of a demilitarized palestinian state. And about the state sponsor of terror, Iran.

It was the first time since 1978 that a sitting Israeli prime minister addressed Toronto's Jewish community. Netanyahu's speech was seen as a thank-you for the Harper government's staunchly pro-Israel stance.

Netanyahu said the people of Israel "are prepared to make compromises for peace but they're not and I'm not prepared to make any compromises on our security. Israel will never ever give up the power to defend itself."

"And just as we are asked to recognize a nation-state for the Palestinian people, the Palestinians will have to recognize Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people. The Palestinians will have to recognize the Jewish state," he said emphatically.

Meantime, Israel's "first and foremost" challenge is to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, Netanyahu said.

Whole speech at Gay and Right. Note how Bibi praises CIC and UJA.


been around the block said...

I didn't see you on Yorkville, Dr. Roy! Too bad. If I had, I would have introduced myself.

My sister and I were at the corner of Yorkville and Avenue Road @ 1:30, and wondered what the phalanx of police officers and a security truck were doing there.

'Turns out they were there because Prime Minister Netanyahu was inside the hotel. It sounds like it was a great gathering.

G*d bless Israel.

Roy Eappen said...

It would have been my honour to meet you batb!!!

been around the block said...

Likewise, Dr. Roy.

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