Wednesday, May 12, 2010

bernie farber is an embarassment to the Jewish community and Canada

Mark Steyn and Ezra once agin expose Canad's greatest supporter of state censorship, bernie farber. It's time for the Jewish community to put farber out to pasture and consolidate his organization into another usually more sane voice like B'nai Brith. farber is one of the key reasons that changes to section 13 of the thought censorship act have not been made. It;s time for that to end. Section 13.1 needs to be abolished. Indeed a good case can be mad in for Ezra's "Fire them all" when it comes to the hrc thought police.

Victim mentality
Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Yesterday in this space I noted the news that the Toronto Police now include in their official list of "hate crime" victim groups the category of "Nazi". I mostly played it for laughs ("Nazi is the new black"), since if you took developments in the Demented Dominion too seriously your head would explode. However, my valiant comrade Ezra Levant dug down into the story a little deeper, and in particular the reaction of Book-Burnin' Bernie Farber, the head of the Canadian Jewish Congress. Mr Farber reacted to the news that the Nazis had joined the Jews as an officially recognized "victim group" by commenting as follows:

'How does Nazi fit into that,' questioned Bernie Farber, of the Canadian Jewish Congress, when the category was pointed out by the Town Crier.

'A Nazi can never be a victim but only a victimizer,' he said.

Ezra responds:

First: is it really surprising to Burny that another group has weaseled its way into the political class called "victim"?

Seriously, did Burny and the CJC architects and defenders of hate speech laws really think that they could maintain a monopoly over who could use these hate laws?

And then he gets to his main point:

What's news here is that Burny reveals just how illiberal he is when it comes to violence.

Because that's what we're talking about: crimes investigated by police, not speech investigated by HRCs.

Burny says that Nazis "can never be a victim".


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