Friday, April 16, 2010

Wow!!! Abolishing an hrc?

I already was a big fan of HM Premier of Saskatchewan, Brad Wall, but this would make him totally awesome. I hope HM PM Harper and the other Premiers are taking note of this brave and righteous proposal.

The Saskatchewan government may scrap its Human Rights Tribunal in favour of having rights cases heard by the courts, the province's justice minister said yesterday.

Justice Minister Don Morgan said the province could dissolve the tribunal and turn its cases over to the Court of Queen's Bench -- something that has been suggested by David Arnot, chief commissioner of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission.


Foster said...

To clarify, the Human Rights Commission will still exist and investigate cases.

The Tribunal will the cut organization, where cases submitted to the Commission will be forwarded to courts if they warrant such prosecution.

Roy Eappen said...

It's a first step. Courts won't allow the gross abuses of rules of evidence the thought police usually do and require a much higher standard for conviction.

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