Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Who trusts iffy?

Not Canadians. An interesting piece by Jonathan Kay. I have a number of female liberal friends who have told me that iffy is not trustworthy and they won't vote for him. Glad to see many canadians still truts Our Sovereign Lady. Unfortunately david suzuki still has some Canadians fooled.

Politicians of all stripes generally fare poorly in these RD survey: The best performers tended to be middle-aged do-gooders, athletes, television personalities, and apolitical public servants. In this year's survey, the top seven spots were David Suzuki (193 votes), Mike Holmes (112), Michael J. Fox (96), Queen Elizabeth II (89), Lloyd Robertson (64), Sheila Fraser (64) and Stephen Lewis (50). Not until we get to the 8th spot do we hit Stephen Harper at 48 votes - just 4% of all votes cast.

Yet Harper's performance was stellar compared to his political counterparts.
Elizabeth May and Jack Layton tied for second among party leaders with 11 votes each (putting them tied for 28th place overall). Michael Ignatieff? He barely registered with just three votes - out of a total of 1,205 people questioned. All three votes came from male respondents, which means that precisely zero of the 637 female respondents ranked Ignatieff as their most trusted Canadian (Harper got 26 male votes, and 22 female).

To put Ignatieff's tally of three votes in context, it puts him in a tie, for 40th place, with Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall, Superbad actor Seth Rogen, and a fellow by the name of Daniel Negreanu, who apparently makes his living as a professional gambler under the nickname "Kid Poker."


Rich said...

Intersting piece about Iggy and women.
My wife has exactly the same opinion and about a year ago, I asked her if other women in her ladies group have that opinion.
The answer was, to a person , they didn't trust him and didn't believe him.
Maybe not a definitive sample but the dynamic might be worth exploring for campaign purposes.

Bert said...

There was something fishy about that poll. For the Top 10 Most trusted Canadians, Suzuki won. Now, they have another poll, "Out of the top five most-trusted Canadians, whom do you trust most?".. Currently, Mike Holmes has 106 votes, while Suzuki has 29.

island breezes said...

Stephen Lewis? !!!
I guess that's a product of having the liberal media behind you!

Les said...

David Suzuki makes Iggy looks honest and I cant stand Iggy.

Him and his enviro MENTAL I want your money grabs are disgusting.

All he does is rant and advocate this goverment spends billions of dollars on cap and trade on lies and fantasy of twenty foot tidal waves and chicken little scenarios.

Iggy scares me ,this guy terrifies me.

I Support Lord Black