Thursday, April 01, 2010

Whining from the cbc

I am not a fan of the cbc. Giving it's ratings, neither are most Canadians. It's president says its business model is not viable. So let's just sell this leftist behemoth and allow people who know how to run a business to take it over. We cannot afford to put more pubic money in this publicity wing of the liberal party. The cbc president wants more state funding. That is not viable.
I would also like to deregulate broadcasting and get rid of the crtc as well.

Over the last decade, my predecessor at CBC/Radio-Canada implemented permanent cost-reduction initiatives to generate $78-million in ongoing annual savings. Last year, I was forced to make cuts of $171-million, cancel programs and lay off nearly 10% of our workforce. This year, we’ve had to sell $155-million worth of assets to balance our budget — selling the furniture to pay the mortgage.

I think we can be forgiven for being a little skeptical of fine words and a little overheated at the thought of more delays. CBC/Radio-Canada’s business model is not sustainable. It would be irresponsible to suggest otherwise. One thing that our history proves is that words won’t fix our financing model.

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Kit said...

No tax money for the CBC. Governments are the only force in the economy that will reinforce failure over success.
It is a not a good thing. The CBC has failed, and it is its own fault.
There is very little I hear or see on CBC that I don't have to turn off immediately because its such left wing bias.

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