Friday, April 23, 2010

What of blue grits?

iffy has decided to careen to the left. He has now fully repudiated any principal he ever had.
He is now willing to fully abandon the center of his party. About a third of his MP's are moree socially conservative. At least 8 of his mp's voted to abolish the gun registry. I suspect the grits will lose all 8 of those seats. I also think that the pro abortion stance will also lose iffy seats. Iffy is already leader of the Toronto party, his latest stances play mostly to his leftist base. He risks completely alienating the middle and right side of his coalition. The grits are a mushy coalition. I suspect that at least mps will be home sick for the gun registry vote. There are already rumblings about the abortion issue from activists within the grits. ( Yes i do actually have friends who are pro life activists within the grit party). The true leaders of the grits donolo and graves want a cultural war. The Tories are much more firm in their beliefs and I think the blue grits will find themselves isolated and look for a new party. lawrence martin may be happy, but I think this will not bring the grits much joy.

Michael Ignatieff announces he will require all Liberal MPs to vote against a bill to scrap the long-gun registry.

Michael Ignatieff says a Liberal government would not allow provinces to impose health-care user fees.

The Liberal Leader promises to kill $6-billion a year in corporate tax cuts. He needs that money to help pay for a more compassionate society.

The Liberal Leader presses Conservatives to support safe-abortion programs abroad as part of the government’s maternal-health initiative.

Impugned for not offering a clear alternative to the Harper Conservatives, Mr. Ignatieff is finally starting to define his politics. He once wavered on most of the aforementioned policies. Now, he stakes out terrain.

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