Sunday, April 25, 2010

Toxic multiculturalism

I was born in India. I am proud of my ancient heritage, but I am Canadian. I am loyal to the Canadian Crown and I am fully involved in the life of my community. I still attend cultural and religious events of the Malayalee Christian community that I was born into, but those events are ashould be paid for by ourselves. Multiculturalism has been a policy of ghettoization mixed in with bribes to obtain votes for trudeau and his grits. Many in the ethnic communities are beginning to understand. A good piece by Angelo Pershilli. Living in Canada while pretending to still completely live in your culture of origin is bad for the immigrant and bad for Canada.

But Finestone gave me the right answer: Multiculturalism is a Canadian policy — but it’s not for all Canadians. I believe in a country where all citizens can fully retain their own culture but this leads people to believe that all cultures have the same rights.

This has not happened in Canada, where there are still two predominant cultures — the French and English — also known as the “founding cultures,” and all the others. We shouldn’t confuse the rights of individuals with the rights of cultures as a group. In fact, this policy pushes people back into their cultural ghetto, and then it invites individuals, often as guests, into the cultural mainstrea


CanadianSense said...

The disconnect is the entitlement of demanding the majority pay for your "culture" extends to provincial trade.

Should we over regulate pay more for QC supply management Dairy, Westcoast Grain?

Remove the artificial barriers retricting trade within provinces.

Let them compete nationally and internationally. (International Free Fair trade vs protectionism)

Lynn said...

It is not in the interests of any political Party to end official multiculturalism. It's much easier to pander on a local level to a specific ethnic group and elect an MP or MLA from your Party.

Trudeau has been described by the MSM as an "intellectual" and indeed,the Reporters one used to see interviewing him were in awe of him, laced with a bit of fear.

But Trudeau,like so many "intellectuals" believed in his own infallibility,if the idea was HIS,it must be perfect.

Critics at the time he was considering making the de facto policy of the Country into law,said ghettoization would occur,and Trudeau,in his usual arrogant way, brushed them off.

Trudeau was a "victim" of his own elite upbringing,and his ideas were formed as part of his own ghettoization in the elite academies of Upper Class Quebec.

Though he travelled extensively, he was a wealthy tourist and any lessons he might have learned were filtered through the privilege of his own lifestyle.

Canada would have been so much better off if Trudeau had decided to retire with his Dad's millions to the coast of Spain to spend his days writing poetry and seducing young Spaniards.

Trudeau's greatest legacy is the debacle of multiculturalism,and it's nothing his family should celebrate.


Anonymous said...

Dr. you are as good an example of an immigrant embracing their new country's culture as anyone I know. You are an example to others. (real conservative)

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