Friday, April 02, 2010

Tory Bloggers

Alberta Ardvark has a great piece on scott beer and popcorn reid. This loser seems to in the media a lot lately. I guess he thinks we have forgotten his beer and popcorn and kill him dead comments.
Now he thinks we Tory bloggers are some paid cabal. This is truly amusing. First we have catsmeat saying we Tory bloggers don't donate to the party not we have beer and popcorn saying the party pays us. Like some over at Joanne's I also wonder if beer and popcorn is projecting. Do the grits pay its bloggers? That's hard to believe, as they have so little cash. We know that the grits do use staffers to write letters to the editor.
None of us is paid for our blogging, some of us can be quite critical of the party.
We blog to try and help move Canada more to the right. To help bring about smaller government, less taxes and more freedom. The party does appreciate us. HM PM Harper made these comments at the Winnipeg Convention in 2008.
I am a member of the Leader's Circle. That gives me special access at the keynote address last night. Today I got to have lunch with HM PM Harper and the other members of the Leader's Circle. HM PM Harper made some brief remarks and took some questions. I asked a question and identified myself as a Blogging Tory. HM PM said he wanted to thank the Blogging Tories for our blogs. He said that we helped to counter a media that is not very friendly to the party. He said we helped hold the media's feet to the fire and indeed we helped hold the party's feet to the fire. He gave us a lot of credit for levelling the playing field. he said the media was very aware of our criticisms.
Senator Finlay seems to have made similar comments at Alberta Aardvark's blog.
I think we should all know that we are doing a good job. We are getting under the skin of the grits.


Anonymous said...

It is amazing how the Liberal Party always seems to attract the scum of the earth. It seems that all these clowns do is attack anything and everything. I have yet to hear, see, or read a constructive comment from any of these bottom feeders. It's a constant litany of unproven allegations, smears, and outright lies.
I'd rather have a daughter who was a wh**e than a son that was a Liberal.

wilson said...

And BTs get under the skin of the media too.....

Owner and Doggy said...

How about the Tories using staffers to write letters to the editor. Another Helena Guergis article.

Roy Eappen said...


Owner and Doggy said...

It's the same excuses all over again. "The Liberals did it, so it's okay that we do it too." Is it right in court to say, "Well, X got away with it, so I should get away with it too." With that logic, no one would be in jail. Come on. Get some better explanations.

Alberta Girl said...

Hey dingbat doggy show....just because the Liberals did it IS NOT OK.

What we point out is the sheer hypocrasy of the pot calling the kettle black.

The Sheer Hypocrasy of the MSM making mountains out of Conservative molehills for weeks at a time while there was not the same spotlight on worse Liberal shenanigans.

Why is that doggy one? Couldn't be bias now, could it?

Until we see some balance in our media and see the opposition stop playing games and get down to work, you bet we will be doing some comparisons.

Either tell your guys to shape up or get used to us finding the Liberal dirt and shining that big ugly spotlight on it.

It's just too bad that everything you guys throw turns out to be done before by the Liberals and/or the NDP

Here's and example Doggy...if a Conservative employee had provoked a riot at a left wing speaker's engagement, what would the reaction have been. Yet the NDP do it and nada. How come Doggy?

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