Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tom Stossel

I have been in Boston for the last few days, to attend the It has been interesting so far. The meeting started off with a prayer and the American Pledge of allegiance. I have been talking to my American colleagues about obamacare. They are generally not very happy about it. When I told one very prominent professor that I was from canada, he replied that f*&^%$^g obama wants to make our system like Canada. The meeting was addressed by the Mayor of Boston in person and barney Frank by video. The Mayor, Thomas Menino got a lot of applause, barney frank got very little applause. I love AACE
.As a treat, the speaker at the president's lunch was Dr Thomas Stossel, Harvard professor of translational medicine and older brother of John Stossel. Dr Stossel came to defend capitalism and the pharmaceutical industry. He spoke of the many, many advances that drug companies have brought to the world. He was specifically speaking of the recent attempts to stop drug companies from interacting with doctors. Drug companies subsidize meetings and sponsor a lot of educational activities and research. the government regulators have reduced these interactions of late and there has been less research and less educational activity.It was nice to see another right wing doctor, like me. He is a founder of an organization. he has debated this issue on his br0ther's show, but I haven't been able to find the video. Here is an article about it.

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