Monday, April 12, 2010

Timid iffy

That's John Snobbelen's view of iffy. The ideas conference was not very exciting and not very bold.

Is there room for bold ideas in our politics? That was the opening salvo in federal Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff’s recent Sun op-ed.

Ignatieff appeared to answer his own question with a resounding no.

Michael Ignatieff’s bold idea was to “freeze corporate tax rates.” That’s right — stacked up with other notable bold ideas like the transcontinental railroad or putting a man on the moon or the British leaving India, we now have the noble and brave Liberal notion of freezing corporate tax rates.

It would seem the Liberals and Ignatieff have a lot to learn about ideas and being bold.

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Anonymous said...

socialists have not had a new idea in 100 years.

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