Monday, April 05, 2010

The thought police destroy themselves

I must say the Canadian thought police, the hrcs. do seem to go out of their way to self immolate. If they had any brains at all they would have dismissed the foolish claims against Ezra, Mark Steyn and Guy Earle without trial. They could then say they were really just looking to stop hate not free speech. The hrcs just point out to everyone that they haven't heard a thought that they didn't want to censor. There are always those in the public who are make being offended a profession. These whiners have a ready made weapon to persecute the rest of us. Let's get rid of the thought [police. Fire them all.

more "human rights" nonsense

Is there some contest to see how silly a complaint Canada's human-rights commissions will try to take seriously? If so, there's a new front-runner, as B.C's Human Rights Tribunal grapples with a complaint from a woman who was insulted in a Vancouver comedy club. Talk about people unclear on the concept.

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