Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Steve Crowder on Free Speech in Canada

Steve Crowder, who was raised in Canada ( actually in Montreal) comments on our lack of free speech. h/t

Canada, it is a silly place. Yes, I was raised there, and yes I acknowledge it. Sadly, in recent years it seems that Canada has gone from silly to downright dangerous. This is particularly true if you are a Conservative or dare to ever even think of speaking out against the politically correct, sub-zero establishment.

While Mark Steyn comments on the complicity of the police in these crimes against freedom. It's all a bit depressing. Fortunately there are those who fight this descent into tyranny. People like Mark Steyn, Ezra Levant, Kathy Shaidle and many others. That gives me a little hope, but I must admit I am often somewhat depressed over the slow destruction of my wonderful country.

That's been pretty consistent for two years now: As the state security apparatus sees it, we dissenters from Trudeaupian orthodoxy are the the threat to the Queen's peace. Political correctness starts in the wackier professions, in the college faculty lounge and the ethnic grievance shakedown racket, but eventually it hollows out ostensibly more robust institutions - including the police and even the military: See the US Army brass' general behaviour re Major Hasan. The British constabulary are particularly far gone in this respect. As John O'Sullivan likes to say, they're now the paramilitary wing of The Guardian. If a young Muslim girl shows up at a police station in Northern England terrified that she's in danger of being either honour-killed or shipped back to marry her cousin in Mirpur, they assign her case to a Muslim officer from the Community Outreach team, who'll often helpfully tip off her dad that she's been in to see them.

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