Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Smearing HM Canadian Soldiers

It is pretty disgusting that the opposition is giving any credibility to second and third hand bad accounts about our soldiers. This interpreter seems to have an ax to grind.
General Lew Mackenzie proceeds to to figuratively kick the butt of his smarmy lawyer.
Watch here.


Honey Pot said...

I just can't imagine anyone turning any document that contained military strategy over to someone as useless and dumb as that lawyer.

The liberals are going to rue the day they set out to paint our soldiers as war criminals.

Liberals have no shame,therefore they do not understand pride or courage.

Anonymous said...

The interpreter is alleging murder, not the Liberals. The Liberals are asking for documents so that Canadians can make their own assessment. What's wrong with transparency?

kursk said...

"What's wrong with transparency?" says the anonymous poster.

It's not up to Canadians to make their 'own assessment' of this issue. These documents detail the 5w's of Canadian forces planning. I think we all know on which public broadcaster those documents would wind up on if released.
Followed shortly by the murders of our agents and interpreters in the 'Stan, to be followed by our boys and girls.

Attaran is a smarmy hack who should rightly be called out for stating that the CDS is a liar.

Shawn Abigail said...

Did this guy think Lew Mackenzie would just roll over and die?

I Support Lord Black