Saturday, April 24, 2010

sell the cbc

In the last few days we see that the state broadcaster and its minions have tried to defend liberal hack frank graves, trying to deny his open partisanship. The cbc has previously admitted its left wing bias in the venom spewed forth by heather mallick last year. mallick is still around with no counterweight to her despicable statements like she is ashamed to be Canadian. I must say I am ashamed she is Canadian as well. I guess i should be happy that this cbc employee made these statements to the guardian and not on cbc, but her commentary on cbc drips with the same poison. This vile insect has every right to make her stool publicly, but why must I pay for it. Even with $ 1 billion in government subsidies , the cbc has a minute portion of the viewong and listening audience. The CBC has hired Kory Tenycke, but he and Rex are the only voices which are not partisan leftists. This problem cannot be solved. It is in the dna of these lefties. Let's sell the parts of the cbc that are viable and shut down the rest. Lorne Gunter also makes this point ( much better than I ).

For a long time the CBC has justified its huge annual federal gift because it sees itself as the vehicle through which Canadians tell one another their stories. If this pompous self-image were ever true (and I'm doubtful), it cannot possibly be true now with only one in 12 Canadians actually watching.

CBC TV no longer carries the two most distinctly Canadian sports events of the year -- the Grey Cup and the Brier -- and the world has not ended, the country's identity has not eroded. Its hockey coverage, arts programming and original drama and comedy could all be picked up by cable and digital services and no one would notice.

There is simply no way to argue that it is worth $1-billion to all Canadians to keep the CBC alive. The few people who like its programming may insist it is worth it, but why should their preferences be kept afloat by taxing the 11 of 12 Canadians whose viewing and listening habits aren't being subsidized?


Patsplace said...

As a long time CBC Radio listener, bias, outright lies and error by omission on a grand scale, I still like it because:
1: It's the only station that I can receive in lots of Coastal, BC.
2. It has the weather and some format of news, filtered through the Big Pink Filter at CBC.
3. It has Rex Murphy.

CBC TV is not something that I ever watch.

Leeky Sweek said...

I used to listen to CBC Radio Two until they changed their format away from classical. Now I have no use for it.

Patsplace...would satellite radio work for you? Just curious...

Fitter said...

I remember when I was a kid in the 1950s, my Dad criticizing the CBC for the poor quality of programs. Nearly all of our viewing was from New York State, which we could pick up from a roof top antenna. Most people back then would never watch the CBC and the corny crap they produced.

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